Open Karelia Network

The Open Karelia network is an open museum system that is currently covering museums of Euregion Karelia. The system is free and open for all museums. The system enables any user to easy access all museum content, regardless of a brand and operating system (Android, iPhone, etc.) of the mobile phone or tablet. The system does not require installation of additional applications. At the same time thanks to advanced web technologies we provide the user with all standard means of support and ensure general scalability of the system. The system data could be accessed directly from museum, just take a shot of QR-code by the camera of your device using any standard QR-reader program and you will get the space of museum information system. The system is also accessible from the touch screen information kiosks located in the museum and from your home PC. Moreover, the system provides the traveler with outdoor support by automatically identifying user's location and advising the nearby objects.

Smart search and analysis of data are the key features of the system. We make sure that the system is giving what you are looking for with minimal effort on your side. This is not an easy task, as for device it is very challenging to interpret users’ wishes and define what is really desired. However, development of information systems in this direction is the obvious trend of the time, and our system is fully matching to it. We understand that too much information would confuse the user, so the system offers a number of advices that are based on various sets of parameters, which are defined based on experience of museum experts.

Virtual Sortavala

The Virtual Sortavala is a historical reconstruction of the Finnish-Russian cultural heritage of Sortavala town - the story told through a set of individual stories of each unique historical building in the city as it was in year 1939. Some of these buildings no longer exist, and some dilapidated and soon may be finally lost. At the same time, the project provides a dive into the life of the city during Finnish and Soviet-Russian periods. This project is based on materials that were received as a result of studies run by architect Martti I. Jaatinen. Also the web site used the scale model of the city, which was taken as a reconstruction of the basic layout of the city in 1939. It is worth mentioning that this model is one of the most notable exhibits of Carelicum historical museum in Joensuu (Finland) The main web site:

Nearest Doctor Search

This program is an instrument for people who need urgent medical help in case of sudden disease exacerbation. All users are divided in two groups - Patients (people who might need help) and Doctors (real doctors ready to help quickly). Patients can send a SOS signal in case of emergency. SOS signal will contain information about user name, send time and coordinates. Doctors can determine nearby people who needs urgent medical aid using interactive map, where closest SOS signals are displayed.

Tracing public transport

This is the platform for collecting and displaying information about current public transport routes position. Platform allows:

  • to create easy and single interface for adding information about user position
  • to use current position of user representation on a map
  • to create clients for most common mobile platforms


Personal Tracker

Geo2Tag Tracker is a simple DEMO application which allows users to track their position. This application could be used for any purposes like: tracking kids/family, tracking cars, finding friends close to you, tracking your moves during journey. In this version we provide reduced interface and limited number of groups and users. To get user account and setup the tracking groups you need to write an email to Yes! It's a pity, but we need to care about your data and privacy till application gets stable.

Car Fleet Service

This service provides ability of tracking/observing car fleet movements using mobile devices. Service consists of two parts - personal map widgets and mobile client.

Personal map widget allows you to follow your fleet movements. Map Widget is a web page which contains the map with marked track points of user fleet movements and filtration controls (for setting zoom/selecting cars/selecting track age/radius).

Widgets can be obtained from this page. On this webpage you need to enter your login/password + starting coordinates for the widget maps. If your credentials are entered correctly, then you will receive links for two widget web pages (one is desktop widget and one is mobile version) on your email address.

CarFleet mobile client is an Android application which allows to:

  • manage user fleet - view/add/rename/delete cars
  • select car for tracking
  • track position
  • view current position and path on a map

How to start using CarFleet service?

  1. Register in Geo2Tag or use existing account (if you already registered for other Geo2Tag services)
  2. Download mobile client
  3. Generate personal map widgets
  4. Open mobile client and start tracking!
CarFleet mobile client for Android (DEMO version)